Awatera's experience in medical translation

AWATERA is the leading provider of medical translation services in Ukraine and the CIS by the total volume of translations. Our corporate customers include leading brands from France, the UK, Italy, Switzerland, and the USA. We translate medical texts to Ukrainian, English, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and other languages.

We work with experienced editors who hold medical degrees, as well as practitioners and pharmacists. Our experts make sure the wording and terminology comply with medical and pharmaceutical standards. We are committed to providing accurate translations of source documents, as it may affect not only our customers’ profits but also the outcome of patients’ treatment.

We translate all kinds of official documents related to the production, testing, and promotion of medicines. We can also change the format of your document, get it certified by a notary, or come up with new slogans and creative materials.

  • Top 10
    global pharmaceutical companies in the customer portfolio
  • 1 million+
    words on the medical subject translated in 2020
  • 2 depts
    of medical and pharmaceutical translations

medical and pharmaceutical documents for translation

  1. Clinical trials and their results for different medicines
  2. Pharmaceutical company and product licenses
  3. Websites of medical companies
  4. Conclusions and certificates issued by medical specialists
  5. Medical histories of patients
  6. Registration documents for equipment and medicines
  7. Quality and compliance certificates for medicines and equipment
  8. Scientific and popular science literature on medical topics
  9. Equipment manuals and instructions for use

Medical translation quality assurance

At AWATERA, each medical translation is edited by an industry expert and proofread by a native speaker. A project team always includes experts with a medical or pharmaceutical degree. Our regular customers benefit from working with full-time linguists who ensure compliance with the glossary and instructions of the specific brand. Nevertheless, we recognise that mistakes may happen. We have a QA Department to help resolve any issues with the translation. Having received an LQA report, we discuss the necessary changes with the customer, offer a discount on the project, and revise the translation in the shortest time possible. The LQA procedure enables us to systematically improve our translation quality and the work quality of our full-time linguists.

QA Department
QA Department

Awatera partners: global pharmaceutical companies

French company Sanofi is a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

The company’s mission is to create products that can save people’s lives.
The company employs over 100,000 people across 100 countries.

One of the largest international pharmaceutical companies and the largest pharmaceutical company in India by sales volumes.

The company’s portfolio includes patents for over 200 medicines and 60 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Acino’s mission is to develop pharmaceuticals that meet the highest Swiss quality standards and take them to the international market.

Company values: trust, commitment, empathy, courage.

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