Awatera's experience in legal translation

Legal translation is one of our most highly requested services by individuals and corporate customers alike. International relations are becoming more extensive and diverse, and the demand for professional legal translations is growing every day. We have been translating legal and constituent documents for companies that open offices in Ukraine or export their goods and services from Ukraine, since 2007.

For private individuals, we translate personal and other documents necessary to leave the country or visit Ukraine. We can request, notarize, translate, apostille a document or legalize it in another way. To save your time, we can send you the finished document by courier.

For legal entities, we usually translate charters, contracts, court documents, claim forms. In addition to legal translation, we offer notarization, apostille, and consular legalization services.

  • Experience
    of our full-time translators and editors in the legal field
  • Accuracy
    and consistency of legal terminology translation
  • Assistance
    with document requests, notarization, and legalization

Standard legal
for translation

  1. Constituent documents
  2. Tender documentation
  3. Contracts, deeds, customs declarations
  4. Court documents and claim forms
  5. Audit reports
  6. Passports
  7. Certificates from the registry office
  8. Diplomas
  9. Powers of attorney
  10. Apostille

Legal translation quality assurance

Our legal translations are checked by experienced editors who have worked in the field for many years and/or have a legal degree.Not only must official documents comply with general translation requirements such as adequacy and consistency, but they also need to be adapted to the legal system of the country of the target language. If any mistranslations are detected at the stage of translation delivery, we resort to our QA Department. Having received an LQA report, we discuss the necessary changes with the customer, offer a discount on the project, and revise the translation. The LQA procedure enables us to systematically improve our translation quality and the skill sets of our full-time linguists. When it comes to legal translations, service quality is just as important as translation quality. This includes rapid notary certification and legalization, as well as timely delivery by our own courier.

QA Department
QA Department

Our partners in ukraine: from private individuals to corporations

AWATERA offers translation services for a variety of personal, judicial, and business documents. This is one of our most highly requested services by individuals and corporate customers alike.

With international affairs becoming increasingly complicated and diverse, the demand for professional legal translation services increases by the day.

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